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Some Post Election Fun: Donald Trump Goes Crazy, Calls for Revolution

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Donald Trump freakout

I'm still recovering from last night (I was up till almost 4am keeping track of developments in the election), so slightly slower paced posting today. Anyhow, one of the best outcomes of the night was Donald Trump's epic meltdown on Twitter. Just look at this series of tweets coming from the mohawked mogul as the results came in:

A full screen shot of all of Trump's tweets can be seen here (he deleted some of them after receiving considerable backlash).

A couple of things:

1. Obama didn't lose the popular vote. He won it by 2,667,522 votes.

2. Trump's assertion that the nation is 'totally divided' was interesting. Given it was a Presidential election wasn't that kind of the point? Thankfully, people like Trump are around to bring the nation together in the aftermath.....

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