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Romney 'Feels Great About Ohio'. He Shouldn't.

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Asked after voting for himself, Romney declared he felt very positive about his chances in Ohio. From Buzzfeed:

Asked by a reporter as he left the room who he voted for, Romney said, "I think you know." He also said that he felt "very, very good" about his prospects...... The Romney's emerged a minute later and the crowd gathered on the nearby streets greeted them with cheers. The Romneys then exchanged a kiss.

Asked him he felt good about Ohio, he responded, "Yeah, I feel great about Ohio."

Romney might feel great about the rust belt state, but the polls indicate he really shouldn't. Here's the Huff Post's aggregate of 115 polls in Ohio:

Of course, the election may not come down to the 18 electoral votes in Ohio, but the reality is that if Romney loses the state, he can only afford to lose at best one or two more swing states, and given Obama's lead virtually across the board across swing states, the math does not look good.

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