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Why is Anyone Interested in what Ann Coulter has to Say?

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Numerous high profile sites have given Ann Coulter's latest offensive remarks about the President some serious press attention. Coulter referred to the President as a 'retard', inciting a huge backlash from the press, discerning liberals and disabled rights campaigners. The Huff Post had a discussion based on it on their TV channel, and she's been all over CNN, ABC and most of the blogosphere.


All well and good. Coulter's remarks were incredibly offensive and everyone attacking her is entirely justified.

However, I'm not entirely sure why anyone cares what Ann Coulter has to say about, well, anything.

It's pretty well known that Coulter is a complete fraud who goes out of her way to offend everyone in order to get press attention. She's well aware that her blond hair, skinny figure and big mouth get her media gigs, and she has made a nice living riling up liberals for the best part of two decades. The bolder her statements, the more attention she gets, and as her star power fades she has to keep upping the ante.

Coulter is basically irrelevant as a media figure, as shown by her increasingly offensive rhetoric. She has made the news cycle this week, but will be consigned to appearances on Glenn Beck's radio show for months after this until she finds another way to irritate liberals. The problem is, the formula will only work for so long. The more offensive she is, the more attention she gets in the short term but the more inconsequential she becomes in the long term.

I'm not going to respond to Coulter's statement about the President for two reasons. Firstly because whatever she says is self evidently stupid, and secondly, she's a no one.

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The sooner the media starts treating her that way the sooner she'll fade away. She's doing a pretty good job herself, but it wouldn't hurt to speed up the process.