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Quote of the Day: What Obama Needs to Remember for the Debate

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Michael Tomasky on what the President needs to bear in mind when he goes into the debate with Romney tonight:

I hope that someone can say to him, “Mr. President, 70 million or more Americans are counting on you. They voted for you, they’re planning on voting for you again, and they want you to fight for them. If you lose, you let them down horribly—and you damage their lives. They’re 47 percenters, a lot of these folks. They need you. If the other side gets in, you’ll be fine, but they’re screwed.”

I think it's clear that Obama took Romney far too lightly last time around and believed he had the race sewn up. That would at least partially explain his zombie like performance and give reason to believe he'll come out paying attention this time around. When faced with a candidate like Mitt Romney who is determined to push through a radical plan to further distribute wealth upwards and gut what is left of the social welfare net, it would be good for the President to remember his own roots as a community organizer. Obama spent years on the ground trying to counter the effects of Republican welfare policies, and it is that mentality he needs to bring in for the debate. It's the people vs the millionaires and Obama needs to remember which side he's on.

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