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Matt Taibbi on why Joe Biden was Right to Laugh at Paul Ryan

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Matt Taibbi on the vice President's scoffing last night:

The Romney/Ryan platform makes sense, and is not laughable, in only one context: if you're a multi-millionaire and you recognize that this is the only way to sell your agenda to mass audiences. But if you're not one of those rooting gazillionaires, you should laugh, you should roll your eyes, and it doesn't matter if you're the Vice President or an ABC reporter or a toll operator. You should laugh, because this stuff is a joke, and we shouldn't take it seriously.

The idea that you could run for President on a platform of cutting taxes without actually showing how you pay for it really is contemptible. Biden laughed his way through the debate because his opponent is laughable. How Romney and Ryan can run around the country selling a plan that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever is beyond my comprehension. As Taibbi writes:

Forget being battered by the press, he and his little sidekick Ryan should both be tossed off the playing field for even trying something like that. This race for the White House, this isn't some frat prank. This is serious. This is for grownups, for God's sake.

If you're going to offer an across-the-board 20 percent tax cut without explaining how it's getting paid for, hell, why stop there? Why not just offer everyone over 18 a 1965 Mustang? Why not promise every child a Zagnut and an Xbox, or compatible mates for every lonely single person?

Obama needs to hammer Romney on this in the next debate as it is a potential goldmine in terms of political payoff. Romney is running on the 'I'm going to turn the economy around' platform, but he can't because he doesn't have an actual plan.

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