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Tea Party Rallies Behind Romney Over Twitter Death Threats!

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For some reason I seem to be on the '' email list and get regular updates from their office in Washington DC. I thought about unsubscribing from the newsletter, but they are usually so funny I decided to stay on it. Anyway, here's their latest email title 'The Tea Party will not stand for it!' about the grave threat to Mitt Romney from some tweeters somewhere who want to assassinate him if he beats Obama:

Washington D.C.- October 24th, 2012- condemns the threats of violence made against Governor Romney. Given the lack of media attention given to the outpouring of threats against Mr. Romney, wishes to make its stand very clear and thoroughly condemn the threats by Obama supporters to commit violence against, or even assassinate, Governor Romney should Obama be defeated.

“What’s almost as despicable is the mainstream media’s unwillingness to publicize this story. If there was a significant portion of Twitter users threatening the life of President Obama, there would be media focus on the intolerable threats of violence,” stated Todd Cefaratti, Freedom Organizer for “The media’s willingness to disregard the promises of rioting and the threats against Governor Romney in the event of an Obama loss signals an obvious bias.”

“People are free to passionately disagree in America. What is unacceptable, however, is the promise of violence as a means of expressing dissatisfaction with election results,” Cefaratti continued. “Enough people on Twitter and social media sites are promising harm and even death to Romney if he is elected, and this growing number is alarming. We condemn these threats and we call on the mainstream media to join us in condemning these threats and urge them to do the job the alternative media is willing to do and report on this rising and alarming trend.”

To be fair to the Tea Party, the tweeters seem serious about sticking one to Romney if he beats Obama. Just check out 'Kaprice Kla$$ic' who wrote, "Let Romney get into office. Mfs gon assassinate tf outta him" (pic above, courtesy of the slightly nutty infowars). Scary to say the least. Here's a screen shot of the offending tweeters (most of whom appear to be teenagers):


Hopefully Romney's people take the appropriate actions to protect their candidate from menaces like 'Idaho ? You'a Hoe!', and 'R.i.p. Aunt Sharon❤', but if they don't, the Tea Party has his back. And there's nothing scarier than hordes of angry white men who think they are over taxed coming after you. Offending tweeter, you had better watch out....

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