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Matt Taibbi on Romney's New Found Freedom

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Watching Mitt Romney lie truly is a sight to behold - he now does it so effortlessly that you have to give him credit. There has been a metamorphosis in front of our eyes over the past year. Romney once appeared like a stiff robot, fumbling lines and committing gaff after gaff while trying to pass off completely contradictory policy proposals to different demographics. It was painful to watch as you got the feeling that even Romney didn't believe what he was saying. But now it seems he does, and Romney is lying with astonishing ease.

Matt Taibbi points to his first debate performance where Romney finally figured out that he didn't need to feel guilty about making things up:

From the start of the first debate, Romney has almost seemed liberated, spouting line after line of breathless, ecstatic inventions – things that are, if not lies exactly, at the very least just simply made up out of thin air, and seemingly on the spot, too. The business about the $25,000 "bucket" of deductions which he prefaced, with seemingly half of America watching, with the phrase, "Let's pick a number": awesome. Then there was the jobs plan that creates 12 million jobs, another number seemingly plucked out of the ether: it turned out that when asked to justify the number, the Romney campaign cited three studies, none of which came anywhere near justifying claims of a 12 million-job increase.....

Romney's realized that numbers don't matter, and past facts don't even matter that much: he's run all fall on completely made-up, mathematically-incoherent jobs and tax plans, and not only is he not suffering, he's made it all the way to a statistical tie with the president (or even a lead, if you believe the Gallup polls), and the presidency is in sight. He's finally released the burden of all those internal contradictions, and the inventions and devious distortions are coming so fast and so furious now, it's energized him psychologically, and he seems to be taking flight before our eyes.

I think that Obama's performance in the second debate successfully highlighted the sociopathic lying Romney has been engaging in, but he'll have to ram it home again in the next debate to stop Romney from getting away with it. After all, voters are notoriously flaky and they'll go with the guy offering the rosiest sounding deal. Obama just needs to remind them that purchasing Romney as President is akin to buying the cheap IKEA bed frame. It looks like a real bed, but once you lie down, it falls apart pretty quickly.

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