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Game On: Obama Sticks It to Romney in Second Presidential Debate


The Daily Banter Headline Grab. From Ben Cohen's Live Blog:

Overall, this was an extremely effective performance from Obama. He took it to Romney all night, both aggressively and accurately leaving the Governor looking bewildered on several occasions an unable to mount any sort of effective counter attack. There wasn’t a single moment where Obama looked troubled, whereas on virtually all debate points – tax, health care and foreign policy – Romney looked out of touch, untruthful and sometimes, plain ridiculous. Each untruthful statement was countered immediately by Obama and Romney just looked like a liar. It was nothing fancy, but it was very effective. The media will pore over the facts thrown around in the debate tomorrow, but as has been historically the case, they most likely won’t favor the Republicans.

This was exactly the type of performance the President needed tonight, and he delivered when it mattered most. We’ll see what the polls say, but from over here, it’s looking good for the Democrats.

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