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The Video Clip the President Needs to Watch

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Andrew Sullivan has this gem from Bill Clinton's debate with George Bush Sr, where the then governor of Arkansas draws a direct contrast between the economic theories of the Republicans and the Democrats. It is painful to watch Bush try to empathize with an audience member's experience of the recession as it quickly becomes clear that he simply could not. Clinton connects immediately and is able to relate the misery of economic uncertainty to his own experience in Arkansas. The difference Clinton portrayed so brilliantly was the backgrounds and philosophies of the two men. Bush grew up with immense privilege and spent his political life furthering the interests of people like himself. Clinton grew up in an abusive household without privilege and dedicated his career to protecting the least well off.

President Obama needs to do something similar to this tonight, and it really shouldn't be too difficult given his opponent. Romney is a rich kid multimillionaire who stated explicitly that he thinks 47% of the American population are social parasites. If Obama, the product of a single parent family and a former community organizer can't draw a massive, massive contrast between himself and Romney then it's pretty much over for the President.

If anyone knows anyone who can get this clip to the President before tonight, please do it.

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