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Banter Readers Weigh in on What Obama Needs to do Tonight: Give Andrew Sullivan Valium

Andrew Sullivan Freakout resized
Andrew Sullivan Freakout

We put out a message on our Facebook group asking readers to weigh in with their opinions on what President Obama needs to do tonight in order to stop the surging Romney. Here's our pick, including the winner Frederic Poag, in bold:

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Standing up for his accomplishments might be a good start. Not blithely accepting Republican talking points as the gospel truth would be another. And he needs to bring pie, lots of pie.
- Steve Denton

He should be a little more like Joe Biden and deflect the Gish Gallop technique that Romney used on him last time. With a little less laughter of course. Dismiss the bullshit immediately and bring up his record. Be more assertive. It's politics, we want to see him roll his sleeves up and smack that arrogant Mitt-wit down. The best defense is a prepared offense.
- Paul Meijer
All he has to do is question Nitwitt and his lackeys agenda

-Steve Batts

I think he should come out with a flying bicycle kick like lui kang, then mitt will probably counter with his tsang shung power to transform from conservative to moderate right before people eyes. That is when Obama has to get the upper cut in fast and follow up with a fireball to mitts lying throat.
-Jared Taylor

Give Andrew Sullivan some red wine and a valium 30 minutes prior to the start of the debate.

-Frederic Poag- (WINNER!)

Obama needs to expose all of the Romney lies and his hatred of the Middle Class & Working Poor and Women and Unions....

-Mark Aromando


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