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Polls Show Romney Debate Performance has Boosted GOP Morale

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Another bad sign for Obama. Pew's latest poll:


It really is astonishing that just by looking the part, Romney has propelled himself back into the Presidential election despite lying for the better part of 90 minutes. As Matt Taibbi writes:

Romney's performance was better than Obama's, but only if you throw out criteria like "wasn't 100% full of shit from the opening bell" and "made an actual attempt to explain who he is and what his plans are." Unfortunately, that is good enough for our news media, which drools over the gamesmanship aspects of these debates, because it loves candidates who sink their teeth into the horse-race nonsense that they think validates their professional lives.

Romney's bounce is more an indicator of just how ridiculous the political process in America has become rather than Romney's abilities as a candidate. Consistent lying should disqualify him from being taken seriously, but it has the opposite effect these days. It's actually encouraged if done well.

We're going to be following up on a piece we broke last week on Romney's seriously shady behavior regarding his personal finances, proving again that Romney is a serial liar who cannot be trusted in the slightest to be forthcoming about literally anything. Stay tuned.

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