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Ok, Now Obama Needs to Worry

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The latest from Gallup:

Comparison of Registered Voters' Presidential Preferences, Before and After First Presidential Debate, 2012

The polling is still not quite settled, but there does appear to be a trend favoring Romney at the moment - and this should cause Obama to take note. Writes Nate Silver:

That’s an awful lot to accomplish in one night, especially considering that Mr. Romney’s chances had begun to look rather dire before the debate. He may have been a bit unlucky with the jobs report — no, the numbers aren’t rigged — but there is a lot of statistical variance in the month-to-month reports. But his prospects still look a lot brighter than they did a week ago.

I'm finding this extremely hard to monitor as readings on the public mood seems to be shifting on a day to day basis. The jobs report looked good for Obama, but this hasn't been reflected in the polls thus far. Perhaps the bump will occur later in the week, but it's hard to say.

Anyhow, the media is loving the ups and downs big time as they may finally have what they've wanted all along - a two way horse race they can milk to death.

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