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5 Things to Look out for in the Debate

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1. Look for Mitt Romney to attempt a 'game changer' during the debate. This could come in several forms - trying to look human, attacking Obama for his association with Rev. Wright (yes, really), or a revelation that he has black ancestry....

2. How many times will President Obama use the ''47%" remark against Romney? Surely there's a drinking game to be had out of this?

3. Stupid questions from the moderator. Remember when CNN's John King asked Michele Bachmann the incredibly important question as to whether she preferred Elvis or Johnny Cash? Let's hope we don't have repeat tonight.

4. Who looks 'the most Presidential'. This is the most important question the mainstream media has come up in 60 years of Presidential debates. Which candidate's suit fit better? What color was their tie? Did they smile and mention God enough? You know, the stuff that matters...

5. How many times will both candidates use their campaign slogans 'Forward' and 'Keep America American'? Another drinking game?

We'll be doing a live blog of the debate here at The Daily Banter so check back in later!

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