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Netanyahu Literally Draws a Red Line at the UN

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Pictured above is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drawing a red line on an Iran bomb cartoon/diagram he brought to his speech at the UN. For reasons best known to himself, Netanyahu thought his audience needed a children's picture book bomb to illustrate the threat Israel believes Iran poses to peace in the Middle East - whether this helps or hurts his case is anyone's guess. The speech itself was nothing new - Netanyahu wants to go to war with Iran, and he's pushing the US to 'draw a red line' as well.

In a rebuttal to the Obama Administration's assertion that 'red lines' would do more to provoke the situation, Netanyahu laid out what he sees as the case for having definitive boundaries for the Iranian government:

"Red lines don't lead to war, red lines prevent war. Nothing could imperil the world more than a nuclear-armed Iran."

Everyone knows that the Israelis have nuclear weapons (despite the official line) so of course Netanyahu never puts forward an argument as to why they should be allowed them and no one else in the Middle East. But then that's the point - it's one rule for the Israelis and another for the Arabs. Israel will never cede its not-so-secret nuclear arsenal, but Iran is not allowed to develop one. Israel will never cede authority over its airspace or borderlines, but the Palestinians are expected to.

This dichotomy is getting harder and harder to justify, and the more Netanyahu pushes, the more resistance from the global community he's finding. Even the US, a staunch and virtually unquestioning ally is not on board with Netanyahu's plans, so perhaps its best he tones it down a bit. After all, the US bankrolls the Israeli military with several billion dollars a year, and they don't want that money going on blowing Iran to pieces. If Netanyahu continues to push, the ramification won't be political, they'll be economic.

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