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Drink More Tea

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English: Black Tea in Cup മലയാളം: കപ്പിലിരിക്ക...

Ok, slight break from our non stop election coverage. As an Englishman, drinking cups of tea is akin to practicing religion - we do it daily and with the utmost care over the historic ritual (tea bags must be placed into boiling water, not warm water, and the tea must brew for at least 3 minutes before consumption my American friends). Anyway, anything I see about Tea online I promptly read, and as I've gone election mad this week, I thought I'd share it with our readers. Not that everyone doesn't know this already, but tea is pretty damn good for you. Some new research detailed in the Atlantic:

In green tea, the combination of caffeine and catechins -- the stuff that gives it its bitterness and astringency -- may promote weight loss. Dr. Rick Hursel of Maastricht University in the Netherlands explained that in a meta-analysis of experimental trials, drinking green tea was associated with an increase in energy expenditure equivalent to burning about 100 extra calories in a 24-hour period. This, combined with an increase in blood fat oxidation, might explain why subjects in a related review lost an average of 2.9 pounds over a 12 week period.

These effects were slightly more prominent in subjects who weren't habitual caffeine users, and Asian subjects lost twice as much weight as Caucasian participants, suggesting that both lifestyle and genetic factors play a role in green tea's effects.

Hursel recommends 2-3 cups of green tea a day in those looking for weight loss benefits.

And fear not my fellow Brits, black tea is also jolly useful if you're fond of the odd buttered crumpet or chocolate digestive biscuit:

If you can't stay away from fatty foods, Dr. Claudio Ferri of the University L'Aquila in Italy suggests following up your Big Mac with a cup of black tea. After observing tea's potent ability to dilate the arteries of lab rats, thus reducing their blood pressure, Ferri tested its effects in hypertensive human subjects. He found, somewhat incredibly, that tea consumption counteracted the meal's negative effects on blood pressure and arterial blood flow.

As we've know for a long time in England, a cup of tea pretty much solves everything. Sadly, science is only now catching up to this....

Anyhow, I'll leave you in the hands of pioneering Tea Rapper, Professor Elemental:

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