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We Can't Afford Four More Years of What?

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This is the latest attack video from the Romney camp:

The video is about as vague as you can get - and that's saying something given it's coming from Romney. There isn't a mention of any policy whatsoever with viewers having to guess what "we can't afford four more years of". Is it describing all the policies that Obama couldn't get through because the Republicans blocked him every step of the way? Or is it describing the health care policy that Obama passed that was based on Romney's legislation in Massachusetts? Who knows, but it's pretty pathetic.

Romney needs to dig himself out of a very, very big hole he created for himself last week, and he'll need to get specific about exactly what Obama has done so badly. Videos like the one above just don't cut it given the Obama camp is relentlessly calling Romney out on highly specific things Romney has said or done.

I hate commenting on these things given how contrived they are, but seriously. At least get creative in your negative attack ads.

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