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The 47% Reaction

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The latest ad from the Obama camp:

I hate taking these things seriously - political ads, particularly in America are incredibly obnoxious, misleading and damaging to the political process in my opinion - but this one is actually pretty honest. This isn't to give the Obama camp credit for producing a moral video (they've certainly made their share of misleading nonsense), but to underscore the fact that they don't actually need to lie in order to make Romney look bad. They simply have to replay Romney's own words, then ask regular people to react to it. And it's pretty damn effective.

There's no limit to the usage the Democrats will get out of Romney's '47%' speech, and the debates are going to be even worse for him. It really was a catastrophic turn in the election as it has allowed Obama to define Romney in no uncertain terms. The Republicans are still trying their best to nail Obama on an issue, but given their candidates extreme history of flip flopping, it's hard to come up with something Romney hasn't supported at one time.

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