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The Obama Cool

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Say what you want about the President, the mans temperament is nothing short of astonishing. The current crisis in Libya has again demonstrated the difference between Obama and Romney.  One is a world class leader with a seriously cool head and the other a third rate buffoon playing at leader while wrecking everything around him. Romney's behavior has been nothing short of disgusting, while the President has refused to jump the gun and has been reasonable and measured in his response to the mayhem.

Notes Andrew Sullivan:

I remain of the view - it has strengthened over these past four years - that while Barack Obama is obviously fallible, has made mistakes (blowing off Bowles-Simpson too soon), gaffes ("you didn't build that"), and one critical miscalculation in the debt ceiling end-game (asking for more revenue just as Boehner was being cut off at the knees by Ryan and Cantor), he is also one of the coolest temperaments to have sat in that chair. What people don't note enough is both the self-discipline (that we know doesn't come easily) and the zen-like calm he exudes. Occasionally I ask some sources close to him how he reacted to some piece of news or the other. They almost all say that his range of emotion is about a tenth of the average human being - and that he is as intent on being a good father and husband as being a good president. He is cool not in the pop culture sense, but in the "old soul" sense. This is why so many wavering Americans still like him. In an ocean of drama, he is an oasis of public calm.

Without getting into the policy aspect of the Presidential race, you have to give it to Obama. He knows how to keep his head in a crisis.

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