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Barack Obama Speech at Democratic Convention Live Blog

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11.03pm Ok, he's getting passionate now and maybe the hopey changey thing is working better. He's fiercely defending the philosophy behind liberalism and the notion that we are 'in it together', and this is no bad thing. It's a bit flowery, but this is in stark contrast to the Democrat's usual tactic of apologizing for their beliefs.

Overall, and effective speech that should play well with voters and get the base more excited. Bill Clinton still took it in my opinion. He did a much more focused and scathing attack on Republicans and gave a clearer defense of liberalism. - "I'm no longer just a candidate. I'm the President." Big applause. Now he's talking about Abraham Lincoln and hope. Aaagh.

10.55pm - This is getting a bit to esoteric for me. He's giving a speech about the gift of Democracy, telling Americans "You are the change". Snore. He needs to spend more time battering Romney. It's much more fun.

10.50pm - Obama is framing the tax cut argument in a clever way - he's saying he refuses to have middle class people pay for the tax cuts to the rich. This is how the economic argument for proper taxation should be made by the Left. He's going after Wall St again (wish he did it while in office) but it's working well.

10.47pm - This is good. Obama is ripping Romney for his foreign policy stupidity; calling Russia enemy number one and insulting Britain during his trip a few weeks back. This is a good point - Romney is no statesman and his serious lack of awareness around the world is a very big liability. This is effective.

10.46pm - Here we go with the 'I killed Osama' meme....the crowd chants 'USA! USA! USA!'. Cringe worthy.

10.45pm - Got to say, I though Bill Clinton did a better job yesterday. This is a bit hopey changey and there needs to be more venom this time round.

10.38pm - Obama reeling off facts about energy independence and slamming Republicans for wanting oil companies to write legislation. Obama's record isn't great on the environment but the Republicans would literally take a torch to it if they had their ways. Big difference between the parties - Obama says climate change is not a hoax. Case closed.

10.33pm - He's ripping the Republicans platform of tax cuts as a prescription to cure everything. He needs to stick to this as I think we've heard enough hopey changey stuff. That was very 2008.

10.31pm - Obama starts out with a joke about being sick of hearing himself say 'I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message'. Good call. Off to a good start.

10.25pm - Obama coming out to action hero music. Jesus, this is ridiculous.

10.21pm - STILL going on about Obama's incredible nerves of steel and the heroic act of killing Osama Bin Laden....

10.20pm - This relentless advertising and hero worship really is getting tiring. I know it's necessary in the modern political age, but wow. I'm sure Obama isn't comfortable with this type of fawning. No normal person should be.

10.15pm - Dick Durbin on now. He's touting the Dream Act that he initiated 11 years ago - good on him.

10.07pm - Biden talking about the troops now. I wouldn't mind him waxing lyrical about the troops if he hadn't voted for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

10.05pm - "One more thing" says Joe. This is code for 10 more things....

10.01pm - Biden still talking. It's great when he rips into Republicans as Joe has a pretty sharp tongue. But wow, this speech is seriously devoid of substance.

9.55pm - Just watching Joe Biden finishing up his speech at the Democratic convention. Some good bits and Joe's clearly fired up, but good Lord is he laying it on thick. Joe talked a lot about Obama taking tough decisions and always keeping the 'American people in his heart'. Really? What about the gigantic sell out to the banks? And the stuff about Obama killing Osama Bin Laden is, in my view, pretty abhorrent. Glorifying him for illegally raiding someone else's country and executing someone without trial isn't grounds to celebrate if you ask me.

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