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The Republican Shell Game (Aka Game of Cowards)

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by Ari Rutenberg

The Repulicans have been playing a shell game for 30 years, and its finally been revealed.   I truly amazed that everyone is so shocked this is what they really believe about abortion and rape, even though its been in their platform for decades, but I'm glad the outrage is serious, and people (Rachel Maddow) have begun to seriously examine why Repulicans believe this bunk and where they are getting it.

That being said, not only are their positions appalling, but this game makes it virtually impossible to have a serious policy discussion about the direction of our country since Republicans won't actually discuss what they believe.

What they've been doing for 30 years is trying to obfuscate their true position due to its massive unpopularity, while at the same time claiming they represented the majority of Americans.

Now that their incredibly dickish and medieval beliefs are out in the open, they're apologizing.  They're not apologizing for holding their positions on abortions or rape, nor are they changing them.  They are only sorry that they allowed their true thoughts to become front page news.  They are apologizing for 'words' not beliefs or actions.

They're trying to put the genie back in the bottle, while simultaneously making everyone believe there is no genie, and no bottle.  Except they are really terrible illusionists/con men.

What I would suggest is that Republicans be honest.  Tell the whole country that you really don't believe that women should work, or make important decisions, or be in government, or basically have any say over the most significant things in their lives.  Tell the country that you really do think its ok to beat random people up because you think their gay, or Muslim, or Jewish, or effeminate, or in anyway different than you anachronistic misogynist male ideal.  Be open about your complete contempt for science (they may already have done this one...).  And let everyone know that in truth, you think that women should be forced to carry all pregnancies to term, and that they don't really think there is much wrong with violent rape, or for that matter taking by force anything you want from those physically weaker than you.

Then at least we can have an honest debate about the direction of our democracy.