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Romney Delivers Pro-War Speech, Highly Critical of Obama


The Daily Banter Headline Grab (via The Huffington Post):

TAMPA, Fla. –- After 17 months of speeches, events, tweets and trivia, debates and political battles to unseat the incumbent president, Willard Mitt Romney stepped onto a sports arena stage here Thursday evening and uttered 4,000 words that mattered more than any in his political career to date.

In a hyperactive age that often moves too fast, for a little under an hour, everything slowed down. The nation -- partisans, press, supporters, voters -– watched, listened, and considered.

The 65-year old Massachusetts Republican accepted the nomination of his party as its nominee for president, becoming the first Mormon to ever achieve such a feat. And then he launched himself into what will now be a two-month sprint to Nov. 6.

"You need to know more about me," Romney told a crowd of 20,000 supporters and a TV audience of millions.

This was the night that the former Massachusetts governor began in earnest a quest to show the American people that he is something other than what President Barack Obama's campaign says he is: normal, not robotic; kind-hearted instead of cold; and most of all, a potential president rather than a punch line.

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