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Escaped Scientology Member Speaks Out on Tom Cruise, David Miscavige

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(David Miscavige. Image source: Unknown)

There's a fascinating interview with escaped Scientology member John Brousseau in the Village Voice on his experience in the Church of Scientology. Brousseau was close with Scientology's head, David Miscavige (they were brother-in-laws) and with Tom Cruise, who's house in Telluride he managed after Cruise married Katie Holmes. Brousseau was a Scientology member for 32 years so has an awful lot to say about the extremely creepy organization. Here he is on Katie Holme's dramatic exit from the Church this year:

Brousseau left Scientology in 2010, but I asked him why he thought Katie acted the way she did when she surprised Cruise with her divorce filing.

"The maternal instinct kicked in. And Katie's parents pointed things out. And Katie had read shit. And Suri is six," Brousseau conjectures. "You don't fuck with a mother's child. She just figured the best thing was to yank her little girl out of there, and good for her."

And on the one sided relationship between Miscavige and Cruise:

Brousseau says he had ample opportunity to examine the two men up close. And it taught him that theirs was a very uneven relationship.

"It isn't the same both ways. Miscavige would throw Tom Cruise under a bus in a minute," Brousseau says. "But Tom thinks Miscavige is the greatest person in the world. He worships him like a god. Miscavige would pretend that Tom was his best friend, but you could see it was horseshit. Tom couldn't see it." (Miscavige has not given a public interview since he talked to Nightline in 1992.) ....

"There isn't a human being that David Miscavige admires," Brousseau says. Not L. Ron Hubbard, I asked him?

"No. He says he does, and I think he thinks he should. But I know he thinks everything he does is best, and if things get destroyed, someone else caused it. Miscavige actually thinks that Marty and I and the others are all a bunch of suppressives bent on destroying everyone including ourselves, and he's the only one who really knows what's going on, and he has to drive the whip to push humanity in the right direction."

I don't usually post about anything celebrity related, but in this case, I think Cruise's role at the Church of Scientology warrants it. It's a bizarre religion/cult that uses celebrities to further its agenda, and Cruise has been the poster child for Scientology recruitment. The more information out there about the organization, the better, and Tom Cruise's celebrity status might actually help this.

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