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Glenn Greenwald Attacks Writers for Supporting Iraq War When he did too

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In an otherwise entertaining attack on Thomas Friedman's latest piece of drivel about Syria, moral crusader Glenn Greenwald goes after the NYTs columnist for covering up the fact that he supported the war in Iraq - a war he supported too and barely ever talks about:

The reality is that almost everything Tom Friedman says on Iraq is designed to make people forget his actual, candidly expressed views about why he thought the war was just — probably the most viscerally repellent comments anyone with a large mainstream platform has spouted in the last decade.

I don't mind Greenwald pointing this out, but when was the last time you heard Greenwald talk about his faith in the Bush Administration's wisdom after 9/11? Yep, that's right. Virtually never.

I'm astonished at Greenwald's complete lack of self awareness on issues like this. His entire blog is devoted to attacking the Left for crimes he himself is guilty of supporting without the faintest whiff of acknowledgement. It's a perfect example of cognitive dissonance, and one that has allowed Greenwald to lecture everyone else without feeling the slightest bit ridiculous.

UPDATE: Check here to see Greenwald's furious and completely disingenuous denial that he supported the Iraq war.

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