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Just the Facts


Ever wonder how long you have to wait to get divorced in Washington DC, how much debt the average law student has after graduating, or how many women motorcycle riders there are in America? Just the facts...:

PENN STATE: According to the U.S. Department of Education financial data form, Penn State University's football program netted the school a $53,228,446 profit during the fiscal years ending June 30,2011.  Total revenues were $72,747,734 with expenses of $19,519,288. As a result of  former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky's conviction for child molestation, Penn State has announced plans to renovate the building where the coach violated young boys.However,the school can't remodel the football team shower and locker room until all possible legal proceedings have been completed.

DIVORCE: Ten US states have zero waiting period before couples can obtain a divorce, including the District of Columbia. Twenty-nine states have time frames less than six months, seven states are six months and five states have a waiting period of one year or longer. In l960, the U.S. Census reported that 1.8 percent of men and 2.6 percent of women were divorced. By 2011, the figure had jumped to 9 percent and 11 percent of women. Interestingly, the divorce rate has slowed because more young couples live together without marrying. In l980, more than l.5 million young adults cohabited; by 2010 it was 7.5 million.

CALIFORNIA DREAMING: According to the UCLA Center for Health Policy research, nearly four million adults in California experienced "food insecurity" between 2007 and 2009. In affluent counties of the state like wine-producing Napa County, l3,000 adults could not afford a minimum amount of food to avoid severe hunger during the recession. Meanwhile, in 2011, the median pay for Bay Area CEOs was about $3 million according to the San Jose Mercury News' annual survey of CEO salaries.

LAW SCHOOL GRADUATES: Only 55 percent of the 43,735 U.S. law school graduates last year found law-related jobs nine months after graduation according to data from the American Bar Association. Twenty-eight percent were unemployed or underemployed. Accordingly, the number of students taking law school admission tests has fallen 24 percent in the last two years. The average law school student debt in 2010 was $98,500. The average law school professor makes $170,000 a year.

CAMPAIGN AD SPENDING: Borrell Associate, a media consulting firm, estimates that $10 billion nationwide will be spent on political advertising for presidential, congressional, state and local political campaigns this year. This will be a 43 percent increase from the $7 billion spent during the 2008 election cycle.

SPORTS: The National Golf Foundation estimates there are 25.7 million Americans who golf. Mild weather and drought conditions have resulted in a 22% increase during the first quarter of the year in the number of golfers hitting the links, as compared to last year. Meanwhile, the number of women motorcycle operators in the U.S. is increasing rapidly to about 7.2 million out of 27 million nationwide. Roughly 1 in 10 owners are women.