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The Daily Banter Weekly Round Up!

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Another big week here at The Daily Banter (our biggest traffic so far!). In case you missed it, here's what we covered. We looked at what Mitt Romney's fundraiser at Dick Cheney's house means for his campaign, and argued that Romney is now adopting the racist 'Southern Strategy'. We begged CNN to get rid of the despicable Nancy Grace over another suicide provoked by her show, and discussed a scarily inhumane discussion on Obama's drone policy on MSNBC. Chez Pazienza weighed in on the Tosh rape joke controversy, and ripped into Libertarian 'reporter' John Stossel. Finally, we argued that Americans need to adopt some British style anger over the new banking scandal, and Bob asked the nation to stop devouring hamburgers for the sake of the environment.

Have a great weekend!

Ben, Editor

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