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Self-Plagiarism at the New Yorker?

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Hamilton Nolan catches the New Yorkers newest columnist Jonah Lehrer bizarrely plagiarizing himself:

Jim Romenesko pointed out today that in a June 12 blog post for The New Yorker, Jonah Lehrer plagiarized the shit out of himself. Specifically, the first three paragraphs are lifted almost word-for-word from this story that Lehrer wrote for the Wall Street Journal last October. (And Joe Coscarelli turned up several other instances of self-plagiarism by Lehrer.)

Is this episode made all the more delicious by the fact that the substance of the plagiarism in question consists of an anecdote about irrationality and "our fondness for not thinking?" Yes it is.

It's not a great start for Lehrer as the New Yorker now has the following written above all of his blog posts:

Editors’ Note: The introductory paragraphs of this post appeared in similar form in an October, 2011, column by Jonah Lehrer for the Wall Street Journal. We regret the duplication of material.


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