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Ex Romney Adviser Admits Republicans Rooting Against the Economy

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You really have to see this to believe it - appearing on Boston’s Fox 25 news channel, ex senior Romney adviser Rob Gray said he subscribed to the idea that congressional Republicans were “rooting against the economy” because they believed that sabotaging the economy in the short-term would be better than four more years under Obama:

I guess you have to give it to Gray - he's at least being honest about the motivations of the Party. He will of course be reprimanded from above and told never to utter the truth in public again, but he's only saying what everyone else knows already. Romney himself had a moment of rare honesty when he admitted that you can't just cut your way out of a recession - an indication that Republicans would have to spend government money at some point to keep the economy chugging along. This is exactly what happened when the banks collapsed in 2008 - die hard capitalist George W. Bush turned into a radical socialist over night, committing billions of dollars of tax payers money to staving off a fiscal armageddon. You can bet that if Romney gets in and follows through with his radical economic agenda, he'll change course as quickly as he has on every other issue of substance if it all goes wrong (and judging by austerity's impact in Europe, it's pretty much a given).

While politicians are concerned with ideology, they are more concerned with power. If it turns out their entire belief system is wrong, they'll usually change course without acknowledging doing so - George Bush is still apparently economically conservative despite maxing out the governments credit card while in office. Many Republicans probably do understand that it is impossible to cut your way out of a recession, but they vote against the President in order to damage him politically so that they can get in power. Congressional Republicans have blocked, or tried to block literally everything the President has tried to do to stave off another recession. This damages the economy and increases a Republican's chances of getting into the White House exponentially - a trade off the GOP doesn't care about in the slightest. Gray stated that he doesn't believe Republicans are 'dragging their feet' when it comes to turning the economy around, but the evidence overwhelmingly implies that they are.

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