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The Daily Banter Weekly Round Up!

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In case you missed it, here's what we covered this week at The Daily Banter (and it was a very big week for us - highest traffic so far!): Mark Ames broke a big story on the Left's total abandonment of labor rights, Chez Pazienza wrote a heart breaking piece on the merciless bullying of a 68-year-old widow to the point where she cried, and profiled MSNBC's new vacant conservative host, Bob Cesca drew comparisons between the months leading up to President Clinton's impeachment and what is happening to Obama, and contrasted the Republican's treatment of women saying 'vagina' and conservatives shouting at the President. We also looked at the poverty epidemic the media refuses to cover, and argued that President Obama is still a major force for progressive politics despite his many flaws.

Have a great weekend!

Ben Cohen, Editor

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