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Quote of the Day: Throwing Up Over Bush/Obama Economic Comparisons

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Andrew Sullivan responds to a typically intellectually dishonest post by Jonah Goldberg on comparisons between Bush and Obama's spending:

The truth is that Bush ramped up spending much more than Obama has - and he did so without presiding over the the worst recession since the 1930s, the one time when spending more is good says something that intellectual honesty on the right has now been entirely hijacked by tribal partisanship. Obama wanted a Grand Bargain, was prepared to negotiate, has kept non-stimulus spending under control, and shepherded the US economy through the recession more successfully than most other Western countries. The GOP gave him nothing. For this, he is now going to be compared to Bush's fiscal recklessness.

When it doesn't make you despair, it makes you want to throw up.

Goldberg's argument is that Romney can run against both President Bush and President Obama's spending record, a completely ridiculous notion when you put it in context. Bush came into office with a booming economy, slashed taxes for everyone and then increased spending creating huge deficits. Obama only spent money to pull the economy off the edge of the cliff when private spending disintegrated, yet is hounded for fiscal recklessness. The comparisons are indeed vomit worthy.

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