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Ben Cohen Interview: Do Super PACs Spell the End of Democracy?

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By Ben Cohen: I went on the RT network yesterday to discuss the insidious effects of Super PACs on the Democratic process with Elizabeth Wahl. It's a very troubling topic and one that deserves a lot of attention. The decision made by the Supreme court to allow PACs (Political Action Committees) to accept unlimited contributions from individuals, unions, and corporations could have a very far reaching effect on the Democratic process. While these PACs are not allowed to make direct contributions to candidates, they can essentially run their own independent campaigns for whichever candidate they choose.

The fact that wealth in America is so unevenly distributed makes the effect of money in politics and the Super PACS far more dangerous. Wealthy individuals and corporations can run shadow campaigns for candidates that represent their interests, and their resources greatly outweigh those of the general public. Candidates representing the interests of the general population simply won't be able to raise as much money, and as the evidence shows, those with the most money win.

Here's the interview: