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Newt Gingrich's Hilarious Career Self Sabotage

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By Ben Cohen: The reason why Newt Gingrich never had a chance in the Republican Presidential primary wasn't because of his political views or even his lack of funding. Gingrich was destined to fail because every now and then, he spoke his mind.

Before he decided to run for President, Gingrich actually believed in global warming, siding with science and Democrats over the idiocy of his own party, much to his own political disadvantage.  Gingrich also more recently called Paul Ryan's genocidal plan for medicare 'right-wing social engineering' - a serious blunder when the entire GOP establishment had lined up behind it. Gingrich did eventually renege on both accounts, but the damage had been done. Gingrich has a reputation for going against the establishment, and it continues to cost him dearly.

Now that Gingrich is basically out of the primary, he is lashing out at the establishment for his failure to succeed. And this time, he is focusing his rage at Fox News, his former employer and the PR arm of the Republican party.

This is a suicidal move given his future in politics is basically over, and no other self respecting news network will go anywhere near him.

At a meeting for Tea Party activists, Gingrich stated the following:

I think Fox has been for Romney all the way through. In our experience, Callista and I both believe CNN is less biased than Fox this year. We are more likely to get neutral coverage out of CNN than we are of Fox, and we're more likely to get distortion out of Fox. That's just a fact.

Fox has responded venomously, claiming Newt is vying for a job at CNN. They released the following hilariously snarky statement to the Guardian:

This is nothing other than Newt auditioning for a windfall of a gig at CNN – that's the kind of man he is. Not to mention that he's still bitter about the fact that we terminated his contributor contract.

Gingrich is almost certainly right about Fox New's subordination to Republican party interests. Roger Ailes no doubt pegged Romney as the most viable candidate to run against Obama and ordered the network to give him favorable coverage. Gingrich and the rest of the Republican field were not only fighting Romney's money, but the establishment and Fox News - an insurmountable task in modern politics.

Regardless of whether Gingrich was right or not, had he kept his mouth shut, he may have got another gig at Fox given his ability to attract an audience. However, due to his inability to take orders, his one shot at staying in the limelight has vaporized as quickly as his Presidential campaign did. Unfortunately for Newt, burning bridges is a common theme in his storied career - one that has left him with many more enemies than friends.

It's hard to feel sorry for Gingrich even though he has displayed some courage in bucking his party and taking on Fox News. The truth is, a man whose personal life even nastier than his political one  should not be shown a great deal of sympathy. On the contrary, thanks to Gingrich's rebelliousness, we should be glad that we may never have to see him again.

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