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Santorum's Last Stand in Pennsylvania?

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Kicking off a last-ditch effort to keep his presidential bid alive, Rick Santorum returned to his roots Wednesday, saying he shared the values of southwestern Pennsylvania, where his grandfather worked in a coal mine and he shot his first deer three decades ago.

"I'm very, very proud of the heritage that Pennsylvania represents," Santorum told a few hundred people at the Blair County Courthouse. "Barack Obama four years ago referred to this area of Pennsylvania right here as a place that holds on, clings to their guns and their Bibles. You're damn right we do!"

Santorum, who was joined by his wife, Karen, and six of their seven children, said he would offer the clearest contrast to President Obama on such matters, while his chief GOP rival, Mitt Romney, had staked out positions on issues such as gun control, healthcare, global warming and energy policy that were similar to the president's.

"Give us a chance to go out and make sure that there is a conservative, that there is a principled — principled — nominee of our party, someone who can go out and take it to Barack Obama, make him and his failed policies the issue in this campaign, not our nominee's complicity in those failed policies," Santorum implored.

After losing three more primaries Tuesday night, Santorum is making what many believe is his last stand in his home state.

"We have to win here," Santorum told reporters earlier in the day after eating eggs, hot sausage and Italian bread at Bob's Diner in Carnegie, the Pittsburgh suburb that he represented in Congress.

While campaigning in Pennsylvania, Santorum sprinkles his remarks with accolades for the state, from its role in the nation's founding to the steel manufacturing that built the country's infrastructure and helped win world wars. And he reminisces about his local ties, such as hanging out at a Hollidaysburg soda fountain run by his cousin. He capped the day going bowling with his children in Mechanicsburg.

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