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Update: At Least 7 Shot Dead at Californian Christian School

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Update: A reported seven people have been shot dead. Read more at the BBC.

A number of people have been killed and several injured in a shooting at a university in California, police say.

TV footage showed wounded people emerging from buildings at Oikos University in the city of Oakland.

Police and armed response teams have surrounded the buildings, and a suspect has been detained. A nearby hospital said it was treating four victims.

Oikos University is a private religious institution offering courses in theology, music and nursing.

US media are quoting law enforcement sources as saying five people are dead.

Meanwhile, what appeared to be four bodies were seen outside a university building covered with tarpaulin, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Johnna Watson, of Oakland Police, said: "We know this to be a Korean college. A gunman came in to the college and fired multiple shots.

"We do have fatalities, I cannot confirm the number of fatalities we have at this time. We additionally have victims who have suffered from gunshot wounds."

Ms Watson added that medical services as well as police were at the scene.

The Oakland Fire Department says it was first notified of the shooting at about 10:50 local time (18:50 GMT).

Video below:

Read more at the BBC..

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