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Charges Filed in Murder Case at French Jewish School

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The brother of the man who killed seven people in south-west France in recent weeks has been charged over the murders, judicial sources say.

Abdelkader Merah, 29, is suspected of complicity in murder and theft, and involvement in terrorism. He will be kept in custody, prosecutors said.

Abdelkader Merah denies the accusations but says he was there when his brother stole a scooter used in the attacks.

He also denies being proud of his brother, who was killed on Thursday.

According to his lawyer, Abdelkader Merah "strongly condemns" his brother's actions, saying he is "not at all proud" of them.

"Otherwise, he just hopes he does not become the scapegoat for his brother's acts because this is in some ways what is happening," Anne-Sophie Laguens said.

Mohamed Merah died in a shoot-out with police following a 32-hour siege of his apartment in Toulouse.

During the stand-off, he had admitted shooting dead three soldiers in two separate incidents, and, last Monday, killing three children and a teacher at a Jewish school in the city. Read more at the BBC...

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