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Who Are You Calling A Lightweight, Mitt Romney?

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By Bob Cesca: Mitt Romney has recently added a new digital audio file to his positronic neural net: President Obama is an "economic lightweight." Naturally, it comes from the same genius who thought the "Is corn an amber wave of grain?" joke made some kind of sense and was hilarious enough to repeat over and over and over.

The Romney campaign rolled out this line over the weekend -- just after the CBO released its latest deficit projections based on the president's proposed budget. The CBO not only proved that the deficit has gone down during his first term, but it will continue to disintegrate almost to zero by 2017 provided there aren't any significant new drains on the economy. Meanwhile, and despite false reporting by the right-wing media, the CBO affirmed that the healthcare reform law, the Affordable Care Act, will reduce the deficit over its first ten years.

Governor Mitt Romney of MA

But the president is somehow an economic lightweight.

Pure fiction, and not surprising given the Republican penchant for conjuring hastily-constructed invisible enemies to support their purely nonsensical ideas -- absolutely fictitious caricatures in place of the president in order to justify what can only be described as lies.

During this relatively short Obama presidency, the economy has gone from hemorrhaging 800,000 jobs per month to adding 200,000 jobs per month -- a one-million-jobs-per-month change in direction. Gross domestic product has simultaneously gone from -8 percent to +2 percent. Fact, fact, fact.

On Thursday of last week, and for the first time in history, the Dow closed above 13,000, the S&P closed above 1,400 and the NASDAQ closed above 3,000. Just before the president's stimulus passed, the Dow was 6,600, the S&P was 683, the NASDAQ was 1,293. Each index has nearly doubled since the president's economic policies were implemented. More facts.

And while unemployment remains high, it's forecasted to drop well below eight percent before the end of the year. Fact.

Say what you will about the policies themselves and whether they went too far or not far enough, but the proof is in the math, and numbers don't lie.

So in spite of all of the math and facts to the contrary, Mitt Romney's plan is to ignore those numbers and just lie about the president's "lightweight" record. Romney claims (today -- who knows what he'll say tomorrow) that his goal is to repeal and reverse everything the president has accomplished. This is evidently the "economic heavyweight" position: to roll back everything that's helped the economy improve from the catastrophe of 2008 to the growth economy of 2012. This, Romney says, must be undone.

Why? Not because the policies clearly worked, but obviously because they were implemented by a black liberal Democrat. That's precisely why.

The Republicans must be privately thinking to themselves: It wasn't supposed to be like this. They thought they had the president pegged. Barack Obama was supposed to be this spindly, elitist, foreign, celebutard amateur who was way, way, way out of his depth. Yet another universally and profoundly inaccurate caricature. Isn't it peculiar, by the way, how the Republicans are okay with slack-jawed hicks who they can have a beer with, but, when talking about a black liberal Democrat, suddenly political and policy gravitas becomes mandatory. Interesting how and why that dichotomy works.

In reality, the definition of a lightweight is an empty suit who has no core values and is therefore able to smile into the camera while pandering to, well, everyone.

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