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Romney Fails to Dominate After Super Tuesday

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Mitt Romney in 2007 in Washington, DC at the V...

Mitt Romney has morphed from the inevitable candidate into a Sisyphean character.

The former Massachusetts governor, with the looks, pedigree and resume tailor-made for a White House run, was forced to push the rock once again up the proverbial hill on Super Tuesday, falling well short of breaking away from the rest of the field.

A squeaker of a win over Rick Santorum in Ohio was, as GOP strategist Alex Castellanos called it on CNN, a "near-death experience" for his campaign. That it was coupled with defeats in Tennessee, Oklahoma, and North Dakota, made it all the more difficult to swallow.

Even some of the wins notched by Romney on Tuesday lacked the flair that would make his night more easily spinable for the operatives he employs. Massachusetts -- where with 98 percent of the results Romney was winning 72 percent of the vote -- is his home state. Vermont is a neighbor to the north. A win in Virginia was a good get. But not when one considers that only Romney and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) were on the ballot. Even more, Paul got a surprising 40 percent of the Virginia vote (a number inflated by Romney opponents using the congressman as a proxy candidate). Read more at the Huffington Post...

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