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Welcome to the New Daily Banter!

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By Ben Cohen: As you may have noticed,  there have been some big changes to The Daily Banter. We're rolling out the new site in BETA for the next few days as we get used to the new publishing system and format.

Going forward, we will be featuring original commentary from some of our Banter Media Groups bloggers (like Bob Cesca, Oliver Willis and Chez Pazienza), a regular mail bag, original reports from our non-profit partner site, and of course our regular blog posts, headlines, videos and longer opinion pieces. We're now head-quartered in Washington DC having made the move from Los Angeles in order to be closer to the political scene, particularly in time for the Presidential election.

The Daily Banter has been online since 2007, surviving the tumultuous world of online publishing and remaining true to its blogging roots. We want to keep the original identity and feel of the site - open, honest and intelligent, while pushing the platform into a new era. We have a large network of  blogs with similar objectives and a passion for independent publishing, and we intend on becoming a serious force in the national dialogue. We will do this on our terms and not bend to trends, outside pressure or money. The future of online publishing is most definitely uncertain, but it is also extremely exciting.

The Daily Banter and the Banter Media network is here to stay, and we're just getting started.

If you have a moment, please follow us on Twitter, like our facebook page and subscribe to our RSS feed. We look forward to you joining the Banter!

- Ben Cohen, Editor

Feb 24th 2012