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Nancy Grace the Disgrace

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By Ben Cohen: I missed this back and forth between ambulance chaser Nancy Grace and former MSNBC host Dan Abrams on Grace's outrageous insinuation that Whitney Houston may have been murdered. Abrams calmly calls Grace out for her inappropriate and highly irresponsible statement pointing out that in America, you wait for evidence before assigning blame. Grace's response is, well, typical given her track record of playing judge, jury and executionner:

It's high time CNN got rid of Grace - her history of incendiary rhetoric and dangerous insinuation over legal matters has literally resulted in death, and her complete lack of regard for actual legal procedure makes her a laughing stock. Grace appeals to bored housewives with limited education and a zeal for drama. It's amazing people don't see through her fakeness and incessant ratings chasing, because she does little to hide it.

Nancy Grace would be a disgrace if she was on Fox News (and she would have some quite serious competition there), but her presence at a so called serious news network like CNN is an abomination.

Pull the plug CNN, it's time.

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