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Racist Pat Buchanan Finally Given Marching Orders at MSNBC

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Pat Buchanan in Manchester, NH

After 10 years of occasionally insightful political analysis,
hilarious senior moments and outright racism, Pat Buchanan has
finally been dismissed from MSNBC. After his
suspension 4 months ago for publishing a ridiculous book with
chapters like 'The End of White America', the network decided
enough was enough and sent him out into media wilderness.

Problem is, Pat probably won't have to get in line at the
retirement home just yet. As Chez Pazienza writes:

You can go ahead and start the clock now counting down how long
until Fox News announces the hiring of its latest resentful,
aging white guy contributor. It would only make sense to hire a
marquee racist grandfather since it's the network everyone's
racist grandfather watches.

Buchanan has of course mounted a throaty defense of his behavior using the
typical 'liberal intolerance' argument. The problem is, Buchanan
has been chucking around racial innuendos and claiming innocence
for so long that no one believes a word he says. Buchanan can
claim he is no bigot, but you only need to watch him to
understand just how ingrained his Aryan supremacy complex is: