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Quote of the Day Pt 2: Catholic Church's Moral Obscenity

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Pope Benedictus XVI

Andrew Sullivan on the Catholic Church's ridiculous and morally bankrupt stance on contraception:

I find the protectors of child rapists preaching to women about contraception to be a moral obscenity. When all the implicated bishops and the Pope resign, ther replacements will have standing to preach.

The Church's obsession with human sexual behavior is extremely bizarre. It preaches abstinence, celibacy and hatred of homosexuality while high ranking members abuse children of the same sex. This type of repugnant, systemic corruption is indicative of a sexually repressed institution, not that of a beacon of moral purity. The Catholic Church denies human nature and forces a unnatural code of behavior on its member, leading to some quite horrific outbursts that have threatened the Church's very existence.

The Catholic Church does many good things - it provides a sense of community, spirituality and order for its members. It opposes war and spends considerable resources on alleviating poverty. It should just stay out of issues pertaining to human sexuality because it doesn't have a leg to stand on.

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