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Romney Wins Florida - The End of Gingrich?

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Governor Mitt Romney of MA

Gary Younge points out in an article in the Guardian that money pretty much determines the outcome of any given election in America.

Newt Gingrich found this hard truth out last night in Florida, as his multi millionaire rival Mitt Romney resoundingly thumped him by an almost 15% margin. Romney outspent Gingrich 4-1 on ads in the sunshine state, knowing he needed a solid performance to get back into pole position.

Gingrich had a good run in South Carolina, and it almost looked like he could pull off an upset. But the former Speaker let the momentum get to his head and stumbled in the debates thereafter. Amazingly he let Romney, a terrible debater, outperform him in the lead up to Florida effectively sealing the fate of primary.

Can Gingrich come back?

It's anyone's guess, but he will have a hard time halting Romney's momentum and support from the party. You have to give it to Gingrich - he'll fight all the way (as his fiery speech indicated), but he is facing the harsh reality that his rival can simply outspend him until he drops.

We've still got weeks of this stuff to go, and it keeps getting more and more entertaining.

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