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Gingrich Embarassed by Wolf Blitzer

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Check out this highly entertaining back and forth between Wolf Blitzer and Newt Gingrich on the final Florida GOP debate last night after Blitzer challenged Gingrich on assertions he had made about Mitt Romney's personal finances:


It is incredible to watch Gingrich's grandstanding in these debates, his self regard so abnormally high that he borders on the sociopathic. In recent times, Gingrich has had his own way with the media giving him an even more inflated sense of himself. But amazingly, Wolf Blitzer answered back calling Newt out for his misdirected rage and made him look rather silly. And Blitzer was right - Gingrich made some fairly serious statements about Romney's finances and he should repeat them when standing in front of his adversary. This isn't to say that Gingrich's accusations were wrong, but his pandering to the crowd and grandiose gestures against 'the media' were painful to watch.

I'm becoming a bigger and bigger fan of Gingrich, because not only is he highly entertaining to watch, but he is single handedly bringing down the GOP with his relentless attacks on house favorite Mitt Romney and isolating himself from his party with every move he makes.

The word is, Republicans do not want him to win and are working frantically behind the scenes to get rid of him. Whether it works or not remains to be seen, but after a few more weeks of Gingrich's continuous assaults on Romney and the media, the damage will have already been done. The GOP cares only about the general election, and they know full well Gingrich cannot win. The more Romney is humiliated and the more the media hates Gingrich, the worse it looks for either candidate against Obama later on in the year. If Romney wins the nomination, he goes into the general with serious battle scars, and if Gingrich wins, he goes in virtually naked with no protection from his party or the media.

More great news for the Democrats.

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