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Quote of the Day: Dispelling Common Myths About Obama

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Barack Obama

In an article on The Daily Beast that is well worth reading, Andrew Sullivan takes apart myths perpertuated by the Right (and Left) about President Obama. Here he is on Obama's fiscal policy:

In retrospect, they [the decisions made after the economic crash] were far more successful than anyone has yet fully given Obama the credit for. The job collapse bottomed out at the beginning of 2010, as the stimulus took effect. Since then, the U.S. has added 2.4 million jobs. That's not enough, but it's far better than what Romney would have you believe, and more than the net jobs created under the entire Bush administration. In 2011 alone, 1.9 million private-sector jobs were created, while a net 280,000 government jobs were lost. Overall government employment has declined 2.6percent over the past 3 years. (That compares with a drop of 2.2percent during the early years of the Reagan administration.) To listen to current Republican rhetoric about Obama's big-government socialist ways, you would imagine that the reverse was true. It isn't.

Sullivan's article goes on to discredit Republican critiques of his foreign policy and slams the Left for projecting 'onto Obama absurd notions of what a president can actually do in a polarized country, where anything requires 60 Senate votes even to stand a chance of making it into law'.

I don't completely agree with Sullivan's rosy picture of Obama and his brilliance as a strategist, but it is a coherent and well argued piece that puts in perspective some of the President's achievements against truly massive odds.

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