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Huntsman Quits, Clears Path for Romney

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Huntsman Greets Supporter In New Hampshire

Another Republican bites the dust, and sadly the only sane one in the field other that Mitt Romney:

Jon M. Huntsman Jr. will announce Monday that he is ending his bid for the Republican presidential nomination and endorsing Mitt Romney, narrowing the field and erasing a challenge to Mr. Romney from the moderate wing of his party.

Mr. Huntsman, who had hoped to use the South Carolina primary this week to revive his flagging candidacy, informed his advisers on Sunday that he was bowing to political reality and would back Mr. Romney, whom he accused a week ago of putting party ahead of country.

Huntsman was probably the best Republican in terms of his actually policies and demeanor - he refused to pander to the extremists in his party and was respectful of the President - two traits that almost certainly cost him the nomination. Huntsman didn't have Romney's money or the other candidate's venom making him the grey man in the room, a non entity going through the motions before the inevitable media circus pushed him out of the race.

So now we move on to Romney vs Gingrich with no other vaguely serious competitors in sight.

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