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Video of the Day: Ron Paul on Why Everything is Unconstitutional

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If you add up all the things that Ron Paul believes are unconstitutional, there would literally be no reason to have a government at all:

Why on earth this man is viewed as being a serious candidate is anyone's guess, but then looking at the rest of the GOP field, it isn't that far fetched. I'm still with Andrew Sullivan on his assertion that Paul's ideological consistency and honesty makes him the best candidate to face Obama - but that's purely from an intellectual point of view. I'd probably rather Newt Gingrich got in over Paul in terms of winning the actual Presidency. At least he believes in some sort of government, even if it were completely rigged to benefit oil companies and Wall St. If Ron Paul became President of the United States and enacted 25% of his proposals, the country would fall apart over night.

Paul might be ideologically consistent and honest, but he is also completely nuts.

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