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Video of the Day: Romney Stumbles, Unable to Explain Flip Flops

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Mitt Romney is playing a very precarious game of appealing to the rabid Right of his party while obfuscating his real, more centrist politics with lots of misdirection. Check out this interview with Romney on his take on illegal immigrants - Romney uses bravado and hard language to appear tough on illegal immigration while not actually committing to any specific policy. The problem is that Romney is in the election to benefit corporations and business, so he is therefore pro illegal immigration as it is a massive source of cheap labor. In order to satiate the xenophobic tendencies of the Republican voters, Romney must triangulate and appear to be everything to everyone - anti illegal immigration while being pro illegal immigrant labor. Not exactly an easy task, and this interview highlights the difficulty of having to cater to two completely contradictory power bases. Fortunately for Romney, most journalists don't ask questions so he tends to get away with contradicting himself, but this time, the Fox News journalist doesn't let him off the hook:

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