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How Fox is Helping Obama

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Jonathan Freedland explains how Fox New's quest for ratings is helping unelectable Republicans dominate the primary:

Fox, serving up constant outrage and fury, favours bluster over policy coherence. Its ideal contributor is a motormouth not a wonk, someone who makes good TV rather than good policy. Little wonder it fell for Cain and is swooning now for Gingrich – one of whom has never held elected office while the other messed up when he did, but who can talk and talk – while it has little interest in Romney and even less in Jon Huntsman, even though both have impressive records as state governors. The self-described conservative journalist Andrew Sullivan says that the dominant public figures on the right are no longer serving politicians, but "provocative, polarising media stars" who serve up enough controversy and conflict to keep the ratings high. "In that atmosphere, you need talk-show hosts as president, not governors or legislators."

I never thought I'd say this, but I hope more people tune into Fox over the coming months. The calculation is simple: The worse the candidate they back, the better Obama's chances are of winning in 2012.

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