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Quote of the Week: If Palestinians were 'Invented' so were Jews

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Newt Gingrich speaking to voters at Des Moines...

Andrew Sullivan dismantles Newt Gingrich's incredibly offensive and racist remarks that Palestinians are an 'invented' people:

It's worth noting that one of the most authoritative geneticists in studying the people of the Mediterranean, Antonio Arnaiz-Villena, has found no genetic distinctions between the Jews and non-Jews of Palestine. If one people was "invented," so was the other.

I find it sickening that this type of casual racism and prejudice is acceptable in mainstream dialogue in America. Arabs and Muslims are dismissed as subhuman terrorists in every day conversation and no one really seems to be bothered. I have lost count of the times I have heard these types of demeaning statements, particularly by Jews. And as a Jew myself, I feel ashamed that we would use the same type of language used by fascists, Nazis and anti semites not so long ago.

Gingrich is doing his best to suck up to the Israeli lobby and Jewish voters - a bizarre necessity in US presidential politics, but with language like this, you get the feeling he might actually believe what he is saying. The off the cuff dismissal of the Palestinians as a legitimate people was designed for maximum offense and impact because Gingrich knows he won't get Muslim voters anyway and wants to get as many paranoid Jews as he can to side with him to beat Romney. Inconvenient facts like the one Sullivan raised are inconsequential when it comes to winning elections - only the mythical reality created by Gingrich's supposedly brilliant mind.

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