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Quote of the Day: Duggans vs Muslims

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Matt Osborne responds to the Florida Family Association's advertiser pressure campaign against a new TLC show about Muslims living in America:

Because there just aren’t enough shows on television that spike our fear of Muslims, you know? Every other episode of 24 and three-quarters of the show plots on NCIS are just not enough to balance a one-hour cable program that showsMuslims acting like sane, rational people. Which brings me to mentionanother show on TLC about exactly the sort of people that FFA warnsagainst — except they’re not Muslim. They’re the Duggar family.

In case you haven’t heard, Michelle suffered a miscarriage last week while attempting to gestate her twentieth child. Why have so many? As outspoken and public as they are, their governing theology gets little attention. Deliberate and unlimited reproduction is characteristic of the Christian patriarchy movement, better known as “quiverfull,” of which they are a proud part.

The purpose of having twenty children — and encouraging each of them to have twenty children — is to increase the number of Christians in the world and outnumber the infidels. Really! But the FFA has no complaints about a show in which Michelle Duggar treats her uterus as Jesus’s own birth-cannon. Such a show is harmless, wholesome entertainment in their world.

The growing Islamaphobia in America is a very, very worrying trend that could have some nasty consequences as the economy continues to sputter. Hard economic times leads people to look for someone to blame, and if you don't understand derivative trading or the ins and outs of the subprime mortage industry, it's far easier to pick on the people with dark skin and funny clothes.

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