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Quote of the Day: Gingrich the Opposite of a True Conservative

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Andrew Sullivan reacts to Newt Gingrich's simplistic foreign policy vision that lumps all Middle Eastern countries together and heralds John Bolton as the man to head US international relations:

Conservatism is concerned with reality, which it understands shifts with culture, history, region and all the immense complexities of human life. When a conservative approaches a problem like Jihadist violent Islam, he will seek first a grasp of its divisions, analyze the most effective way of defusing and disarming and fighting it, ensure that a strategy in one part of the world is not necessarily salient to another, grapple with unintended consequences, and so on. What Gingrich does is the opposite. What he always longs for is the absolute, eternal principle, the clarifying concept, the rhetorical rallying cry that speaks to the ideological gut rather than the reality-based frontal cortex. And Gingrich's notion of foreign policy - making John Bolton his secretary of state - is essentially a policy of open hostility to the entire world, including allies who differ, and a maximalist military solution to most problems.

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